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The ALR Post 259 club is based out of Oneonta, NY.

3 Area Students Receive Legacy Scholarship

Motorcyclists from the American Legion Riders of Post 259 recently awarded three scholarships to students from Oneonta, Worcester, and Morris as part of their Legacy Scholarship program. 

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ALR 259 and Red Knights 44 Work Together for a Good Cause

The American Legion Riders Post 259 and the Red Knights Chapter 44 want to thank the community for the success of their boot drive held on Saturday, December 16, 2023.

Raising money for the families affected by the December 9 explosion on Richards Ave, the two organizations were able to collect $3,800 through the efforts of their volunteers. This event was held outside the Oneonta American Legion, at 279 Chestnut Street. In exchange for these donations, the Riders and the Red Knights handed out thank you notes and candy canes until their supplies ran out.

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How to Properly Handle the Stars and Stripes

Old Glory, the Stars and Stripes, the Star Spangled Banner… whatever you call it, the flag of the United States of America is a symbol of this country’s history and its current unity. As such, there are proper ways to handle it… and many, many ways for it to be mishandled. Here, we’ve taken the liberty of outlining the proper etiquette for handling the flag, and how to properly dispose of it if necessary.

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Rider Memory Bear Program

American Legion Riders Post 259 members Sharon Parshall and Vic Bronner created the program “Rider Memory Bear” that donates to the family of a veteran a handmade stuffed bear, typically made of a shirt from the veteran and a traditional black American Legion Rider vest.

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Make a Difference, Volunteer!

Nowadays especially, there are a lot of people, organizations, and businesses who could use a helping hand, which makes the work of local volunteers particularly important. 

Regardless of your age, there are plenty of opportunities around to volunteer time, energy, and talents to, with personal benefits to be had because of each. Let’s go over a few reasons you should consider volunteering to be a great way to spend your time.

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What is a "Dry Run" Motorcycle Ride?

DryRuns and is not a part of the American Legion Riders. is a separate initiative built to help all motorcycle organizations, promote responsible riding to save lives worldwide.

My name is Chris Chase, I am the Assistant Director of the American Legion Riders Post 259 in Oneonta, NY as well as the Assistant Director for New York State, District 5 & 6. I'm here to talk about "Dry Runs"!! Whew, what a controversy lately. I'm using this blog post to get my full thoughts down on this topic and to explain exactly what a "Dry Run" is at the time of this post. The reason I say "at the time of this post" is to note that this is something that will change and evolve. I am hoping to promote "Dry Runs" throughout the American Legion Rider Community Nationwide. We will be working with New York State Director Bob Wallace for the American Legion Riders and Julie Dostal who is a leading alcoholism and addictions expert in our area from LEAF (Leaf Council On Alcoholism | on developing the educational campaign and content for the public and Rider Chapters to use as they see fit. We've also developed an easy to recognize logo for the program. 

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Safe Charity Motorcycle Runs During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Safe Charity Motorcycle Runs During The COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed the way we all need to proceed in public. When planning for your motorcycle run it’s important to have a game plan in place to ensure you are keeping the health of all of those that will be participating in mind.

Below you'll find a list of suggestions we put together for you to consider to help keep your participants and volunteers safe and healthy.

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100 Years for the American Legion Auxilary

The American Legion Auxiliary - 100 Years of Service Not Self

The American Legion Auxiliary will turn 100 on Nov. 10, 2019. Our milestone celebration comes a few months after The American Legion celebrated its centennial in March.

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Top 10 Motorcycle Songs on WALR 25.9 + 5 bonus tracks

Boy, these were hard to choose. There are really so many good songs, not all the songs on this list are my speed but they are cute or iconic. Something for everyone! 

WALR 25.9 is the American Legion Riders Post 259 fictitious radio station and no authority on the subject. So.. before we get started there are a couple of honorable mentions that didn't make the list. You may be upset they didn't make the list, so am I, but some of them I forgot about until the list was almost done. :) They are at the bottom, check them out.

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Memorial Day is An Opportunity to Honor the Fallen

Memorial Day is the day we set aside to honor the servicemen and servicewomen who have fallen in the line of duty. While this day of remembrance has many traditions and symbols that we can easily recognize - poppies, picnics, and parades - the first was decorating soldiers' graves with flowers.

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Celebrating Our Service Members on Armed Forces Day

"It is fitting and proper that we devote one day each year to paying special tribute to those whose constancy and courage constitute one of the bulwarks guarding the freedom of this nation and the peace of the free world." - President Dwight D. Eisenhower

As American Legion Riders, we gladly welcome any opportunity we get to honor our veterans and current service members. That’s why we feel it is important that as many people as possible know that today is Armed Forces Day, and what that means.

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To Be Safe on the Road, You Need to Be Visible

We know we don’t have to tell you how exhilarating it can be to ride… we also shouldn’t have to tell you how dangerous it has the potential to be. Studies have shown that this danger is largely due to other vehicles on the road. We want to make sure that anyone new or returning to riding know how to be best prepared to be as visible as possible to other vehicles on the road.

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American Legion Riders Post 259 Vest and Patches

With the influx of new members, I decided to put together this blog as a starting point for them to get patched up. Personally, I think the vest and patch thing is pretty fun. Picking out your favorite patches and giving it a sense of "you" is kinda cool. There are few basics you need to know in regards to your Legion Rider Vest. Below ar...

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Spring is here! Get Road Ready with These Tips!

Traditionally, spring is the time we all commit to cleaning up our homes, garages and work spaces from the long winter months. Spring also means the roads are clearing up, so it's time to ride! After a long winter nap, your bike can use some springtime attention, too. Below are some spring cleaning tips to help you get your ride ready to hit the op...

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