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Safe Charity Motorcycle Runs During The COVID-19 Pandemic

H35A3464-scale_20200914-022133_1 Safe Charity Motorcycle Runs During The COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed the way we all need to proceed in public. When planning for your motorcycle run it’s important to have a game plan in place to ensure you are keeping the health of all of those that will be participating in mind.

Below you'll find a list of suggestions we put together for you to consider to help keep your participants and volunteers safe and healthy.

Inform your participants: Although most of your participants and volunteers may know the basic safety measures that will be in place to help prevent the spread of the virus, we’d recommend not surprising them with how you will be enforcing safety. Include the basic guidelines you’ll be implementing in your advertising. Have the information readily available in your Facebook event, have a link on your website, and include them in any email notifications you send.

Encourage anyone that is under the weather or concerned they may have been exposed to stay home.

Temperature checks: At a minimum, your volunteers should be checked for any sign of illness. Set up a checkpoint and a designated time for volunteers to arrive. Check each person's temperature to ensure they are in a safe range. You may also want to consider these checks for your participants. This is a great thermometer for quick touchless temp checks: Thermometer Link on Amazon

Limit gathering size: Most of the yearly larger gatherings have been canceled this year, and the individual states have put in place limitations to the number of people permitted to gather in one location. Before you plan your run be sure you know how many riders you can safely accommodate and stay within your states provided guidelines. New York State is currently restricted to 50 people.

Social distancing: Although we are all aware of the importance of keeping a minimum of 6 feet between yourself and another individual it would be best to include signage to remind your attendees. Select your meeting place and stops along the route that can accommodate distancing easily.

Encourage and provide masks: As a host of an event where multiple people will be attending it is important that you encourage all participants to wear them when social distancing can not be maintained. Provide them for free to anyone that may forget or not have one. Disposable Masks Link

Online registration: Provide a method for your ride participants to register and pay online. This will limit the amount of person to person interaction and the exchange of money. Include a link to your ride waiver so it can be pre-filled out and dropped in a location at the run.

Onsite registration: For riders that are not able to pay online set up a registration table with signs to control the flow of registrants and provide markers to comply with social distancing. The system should be as hands-free for your volunteers as possible and insist that masks are worn.

  • Have a pile of pens labeled clean and a receptacle to put used pens. Have a gloved volunteer use disinfecting wipes to wipe down pens after they are used.
  • Have a receptacle for completed waivers to be dropped into once completed.
  • Volunteers handling any money should have a supply of latex gloves.

Assign all registrants a number on a wristband that corresponds with their waiver information. This number they can use for any auctions or raffles you may be including as additional fundraising efforts.

Provide Sanitizer: Hand sanitizer should be readily available to participants and volunteers. Encourage hand washing, and have sanitizer available for stops or places that touching public surfaces may occur, like a gas pump for example. Hand Sanitizer Link

Chinese or Raffle Auctions: These auctions are a great way to raise additional money for your cause, however, they do increase potential exposure. Like your registration table set up the table with signs to control the flow of registrants and provide markers to comply with social distancing. Keep the auction as simple as possible. Limit the number of items and keep ticket purchasing easy.

  • Your volunteers should be wearing masks and latex gloves, particularly those handling money. Latex Gloves Link
  • Have a pile of pens labeled clean and a receptacle to put used pens. Have a gloved volunteer use disinfecting wipes to wipe down pens after they are used.
  • Have the participants simply write their number on the tickets to minimize the time in line. Disinfecting Wipes Link

50/50 Raffles: When planning your run consider safe spots to offer a 50/50 raffle. Volunteers should wear both gloves and masks. Keep ticket purchase simple and one designated volunteer handling money. 

Food: Most motorcycle runs include a stop to provide food and drinks to participants. It is best to find a venue that is able to accommodate your group size and has the necessary protection systems in place.

As your planning and executing your run be sure to exercise your best judgment and follow any additional recommendations provided from your local health authorities.

Hope this helps, if you have any comments or tips feel free to leave a comment or email me at

Ride safe.

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