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The ALR Post 259 club is based out of Oneonta, NY.

American Legion Riders Post 259 Vest and Patches


With the influx of new members, I decided to put together this blog as a starting point for them to get patched up. Personally, I think the vest and patch thing is pretty fun. Picking out your favorite patches and giving it a sense of "you" is kinda cool. There are few basics you need to know in regards to your Legion Rider Vest.

Below are the current patches offered by the American Legion that are sanctioned for official use from Emblem who makes them. There are really only 3 you need to get started and then there are a lot of options. This blog post will be updated with any changes, this is the first draft so if you have any questions reach out to us at .  Let's get started.

Main Back Patch 

​There are other configurations that I have seen but some of them are no longer available on the Emblem website. 

Large Back Patch:

This patch has three lines of text the first one can be different, like, veteran, squadron or legion son, whatever fits you best and the last two should be as shown below:

Line 1 (18 Spaces): SQUADRON

Line 2 (18 Spaces): ALRPOST259.ORG

Line 3: (21 Spaces) ONEONTA, NEW YORK

Be sure to enter it just like this when placing the order. This is the required configuration for new members.

The picture on the right is the back of my vest, ignore that the web address is wrong, I already have a new one that says ALRPOST259.ORG I just have to swap it out.

Click to Zoom

Main Front Patches

Flag Patch:

POW Patch

The Flag goes top left and has to be at least "slightly" higher than everything else on the front of your vest. The POW Patch on right shoulder. Black is the most common color. See the front of my vest below.

That's it for the 3 main patches you need to get started!

Optional Patches 

The rest of these patches are optional.

If you get the mini optional patches for your affiliation (Legion/Son/Auxiliary), and the Mini Legion Rider Patch, they would go on the pockets. Placement is optional but that's the recommended configuration/placement.

Name Tag

Mini Rider Patch

Mini Legion Patch:

Mini Sons Patch

Mini Auxiliary Patch:

Click to Zoom

The Vest/Cut

The Vest doesn't have to be leather, many members also have denim vests. I have a leather vest so I'm going to speak to that. What vest you use is a personal choice. I'm going to provide a link to a vendor I've purchased a few vests from who really pay attention to the quality of the leather. I'll also provide some links to local companies who have a great selection as well as some manufacturers. I ordered mine from Bikers Zone due to the size I needed.

Bikers Zone (this is where my sons and I got ours): 

Here's the link to the vest we use:

LeatherUp (another great online store):

All Leathers & Repairs (These guys are local and located in Vestal and Norwich, NY):

Here's a couple manufacturers that provide great vests as well: 

Milwaukee Leather

First Manufacturing:

Head Wear

​One last thing you might want sometime if we do something formal, like a funeral escort etc or whenever it suits you, is a hat. There is beret, but it doesn't look good on me, so I got the baseball cap which is acceptable for formal events. Below is a link to both:

Legion Riders Cap (Solid):

Legion Riders Beret:

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